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We are excited to expand our service to California residents. Please see our page on our services for more service options to address your health goals. Please note the double asterisk next to certain services as they are only available at our Washington State location.


DNA plays an important role in our health. We help you identify where your genetics may be playing a role in your health and develop a personalize treatment plan to help optimize your health.

Pelvic Health

Our pelvic floor health is integral to our core health. Addressing the pelvis can low back pain, hip pain and abdominal pain.

Digestive health

Sixty percent of our immune system is in our gut. Addressing gut health can impact over all body health including providing healthy skin, mental health and decrease pain.


We offer virtual visits as well as in person visits.

For upcoming dates for in person visits, see below.



Located within Sunset Healing Arts



Upcoming Dates

The following dates, Dr. Nadya Rubinstein will be in San Francisco and able to see patients in person.

April 2023 - San Francisco
Thursday, April 20th
Friday, April 21th

May 2023 - San Francisco
Thursday, May 25th

Friday, May 26th

August 2023 - San Francisco

Thursday, August 24th

Friday, August 25th

September 2023 - San Francisco

Thursday, September 14th

Friday, September 15th

October 2023 - San Francisco

Thursday, October 26th

Friday, October 27th

November 2023 -

Thursday, November 30th

Friday, December 1st

Fee Schedule

We do not take health insurance in California. All fees are due at time of service.

Hour visit $300

Half hour visit $150

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